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Naperville and Wheaton Contested Estates, Wills and Trusts Lawyers

DuPage County, Illinois Estate Litigation Attorneys

At Roberts & Caruso, we help our clients navigate challenging times by providing unwavering service and support for estate matters. Unfortunately, some families find themselves in the midst of a dispute after a loved one dies, or when and how to take control of a loved one’s money. Perhaps the language in a will is confusing, or there are accusations of duress, falsification or other wrongdoing. No matter what you are facing, our attorneys have the experience and knowledge to help.

Reasons for Contested Estates, Wills and Trusts

Even a carefully constructed estate plan may be challenged. There are a multitude of reasons for probate and trust litigation, but most of the reasons stem from a belief that an estate is not being handled appropriately. Those who contest an estate plan may do so because they question:

  • the state of mind of the estate owner when the plan was created
  • the way assets and debts are being managed
  • the absence, transfer or sale of specific assets
  • the interpretation of the intent of the estate owner
  • whether the plan has been changed without permission

Whatever prompts a dispute, you can trust our firm to stand with you until it is resolved. If you are being challenged in your representation of an estate or would like to initiate such a challenge, we can help. Our attorneys seek to protect the final wishes of the deceased and make sure that our clients’ overall goals are met.

Delivering Effective Estate Representation in DuPage County

We are passionate about protecting the final wishes of an estate owner. We mirror the same hard work and dedication it takes to build an estate by the way we handle our cases. We analyze the details to determine the best way to serve our clients. Through litigation, mediation, and arbitration, we resolve matters efficiently and completely.

Please contact Roberts & Caruso to schedule a free initial consultation to discuss your case and determine if you would like to proceed with our firm. We are ready to handle your case immediately if you choose to retain our attorneys. We have flexible appointments available at our offices in Wheaton, Illinois and Chicago, Illinois. We look forward to helping you in this challenging time.