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At Roberts & Caruso, we provide world-class legal services to our business clients. We understand the challenges and issues that face business owners, from startups to large, established corporations. Our clients include Fortune 100 companies, mid-size enterprises, and sole proprietors. Regardless of size, we are prepared to represent the interests of Illinois businesses.

Our services cover most areas of business law and personal representation. We also have extensive experience with representing construction contractors and technology business vendors and customers in technology transactions. We provide
representation and counsel for:

Our attorneys remain focused on standard, anticipated and emergent legal needs for our corporate clients and deliver best-fit solutions every day. At every point in the business lifecycle, we are engaged to ensure a sound legal structure and protect the overall health of the business.

Providing Strategic Planning, Development and Growth for Illinois Businesses

What is the mission for your business? Do you have an overall vision or a technology roadmap? When we meet with you, we will talk about starting and sustaining your business through sound legal instruments to support your short and long-term goals.

Whether you are just starting or have been in business for decades, business laws are ever-changing and it makes sense to have a trusted partner with solid, extensive business law experience. We will answer any questions you may have and inquire about topics impacting business, including:

There are many aspects to running a successful business. Let our firm help you with setting up and maintaining a strong legal base that will serve you and your clients in the years to come.

Please contact Roberts & Caruso to schedule a free initial consultation to discuss your business legal needs today. If you choose to retain our attorneys, we will begin immediately and keep you informed throughout the process. We have flexible appointments available at our offices in Wheaton, Illinois and Chicago, Illinois. We look forward to serving and protecting your business.