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Litigation isn’t anyone’s first choice. Your goal is to keep your business running smoothly, without conflicts, interruptions and excess costs. At Roberts & Caruso, we work with our business clients from the beginning to build in protections and avoid litigation through clear, well-constructed contracts, compliance reviews, and other measures.

Still, conflicts do arise. When they do, you’ll want a seasoned business litigation firm like Roberts & Caruso on your side. Our firm provides businesses with a unique combination of small-firm personal service and large-firm knowledge and experience.

Construction Litigation

Of course, conflicts arise in every industry. But, the complexity of the construction industry and the risks and liabilities associated with construction projects make this an area especially ripe for litigation. One reason for the complexity is the number of players often involved in a construction project, from the property owner and general contractor to subcontractors in many different areas of expertise and material suppliers–each of whom plays a critical role in the successful performance of the contract.

Some common types of construction litigation include:

  • Disputes over contract terms
  • Enforcement of surety bonds
  • Defense of performance
  • Materials and specifications disputes
  • Filing and enforcement of mechanics’ liens
  • Not sure whether they handle defense of construction-related tort claims?

While general contract law plays a significant role in construction contract-related litigation, a separate body of law applies specifically to construction claims and liabilities. So, if you’re facing construction litigation or considering pursuing litigation, it is important to work with a law firm that has specific construction-industry experience.

Intellectual Property Litigation

Intellectual property law is poorly understood by the public and is evolving with new technologies and media. That lack of clarity contributes to frequency with which intellectual property disputes arise,

Of course, the best defense is up-front action to protect your intellectual property rights, from ensuring that trademarks, patents and copyrights are properly registered to drafting clear and effective licensing agreements and non-disclosure agreements.

Some common types of intellectual property litigation include:

  • Disputes over who holds intellectual property rights and to what extent
  • Copyright and trademark infringement litigation
  • Patent infringement litigation
  • Disputes over the terms of licensing agreements
  • Trade secret litigation

Like construction disputes, intellectual property litigation combines general contract law principles with law specific to this type of dispute. So, it is beneficial to consult an attorney who has extensive experience with intellectual property issues when a conflict arises.

General Business Litigation

Regardless of your industry, you’ll likely face conflict at some point. Disputes may arise with customers, suppliers, contractors and subcontractors, competitors, insurance companies, landlords, and virtually anyone else you do business with.

At Roberts & Caruso, we take the time to understand your business. This knowledge helps us help our business clients avoid litigation through careful planning, well-drafted contracts, clear and compliant employee policies, compliance reviews, appropriate insurance and other protections and more. When disputes arise, we’ll work with you to craft an approach that best suits your goals, whether that means taking your case to trial or attempting to negotiate a settlement on your behalf.

We regularly assist our clients with a wide range of business litigation, including:

  • Breach of contract claims
  • Shareholder disputes
  • Unfair competition claims
  • Business tort claims
  • Insurance disputes
  • Employee claims

Get an Experienced Business Litigator on Your Side

Whether you’re trying to enforce your rights or have been sued by a client, employee, vendor, contractor or other entity you do business with, it’s in your best interest to get advice from an experienced business litigator right from the start. If the conflict arises in a complex area like construction or intellectual property law, it is important to ensure that the firm you work with has the industry-specific knowledge necessary to successfully navigate your case.

At Roberts & Caruso, we know how important it is for a business owner or executive to find the right law firm to help that business grow, minimize risk, ensure compliance, enforce its rights and, when necessary, defend itself. That’s why we offer free initial consultations to help businesses make informed decisions about their representation as well as their next steps.

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