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At Roberts & Caruso, we appreciate our great reputation for protecting the business interests of our clients. We understand issues that impact the construction contracting business and have in-depth experience representing contractors, subcontractors, suppliers, and service providers. Our attorneys support our clients’ rights to get paid on time and accurately.

What is a Mechanics’ Lien?

A mechanics’ lien is a claim that is attached to real estate for the purpose of recovering a debt. Mechanics’ liens are often used to help construction workers secure an outstanding payment for work performed under a construction contract. Due to the complex nature of the language used in such liens and the strict time limits for filing them, it is imperative that they are handled properly so that they effectively achieve the intended goal of recovering payment for work performed to improve the real estate.

Providing Legal Protection for Construction Contractors

Our attorneys have the experience and knowledge to help you draft an enforceable mechanics’ lien that will get results. The Mechanics Lien Act guards against fraud and abuse and protects the rights of contractors to receive money for their work performed or materials delivered to improve the property.

Without the right legal help you may miss an important detail or filing deadline that could invalidate your claim for the lien. We can ensure that you include the proper language in your lien and follow the established procedures to enforce your claim. Unfortunately, you may not be the only lienholder on a particular property. We will thoroughly review your claim and advise you on the steps to take to improve your position amongst other lienholders and help you obtain the best possible outcome.

Helping Clients with Construction Law Concerns

We represent and provide counsel to individual contractors and corporate entities for a variety of private and commercial construction law matters including, but not limited to:

  • Initiation and enforcement of mechanics’ liens
  • Enforcement and defense of performance and surety bonds
  • Dispute resolution related to materials, specifications, and performance
  • Contract drafting, negotiations and modifications
  • Securing financing for projects
  • Advising on Requests for Proposal (RFP)
  • Investigation of construction site accidents / site conditions
  • Handling local, state and federal regulation issues
  • Providing oversight for the bid and procurement process
  • Providing representation for bid protests
  • Handling liens on Public Funds and Public Bonds

Our attorneys stay current on legislation and case outcomes that impact construction law and are able to assist you from project initiation through punch list to closeout.

Please contact Roberts & Caruso to schedule a free initial consultation about your construction law matter and determine if you would like to proceed with our firm. If you choose to retain our attorneys, we will begin immediately and keep you informed throughout the process. We are ready to serve you and offer flexible appointments at our offices in Wheaton, Illinois and Chicago, Illinois.